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January 6-9, 2011

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Modular NAD

You would think that someone would have figured out a way to future-proof surround processors and receivers. Most surround-sound components become obsolete as soon as a new type of audio or video processing is introduced, requiring the consumer to upgrade by purchasing a new unit if they want to remain at the leading edge of technology.

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Assorted Nonsense

There's a well-known saying: What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. We now have another one: What you buy in Vegas will be many times as expensive in Vegas.

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Wizards and Charlatans

There's a fine balance between humility, genius, and arrogance. High-end audio is full of people who profess to genius, who make their careers by claiming to have special insight into electronics or speaker design.

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Paradigm Gets Active Again

The Paradigm Atom loudspeaker has been one of my favorite budget recommendations for many years. Paradigm is now set to introduce an active version of the Atom called A2.

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Pro-Ject Goes Digital

The world is perverse and it thrives on irony. Today I went into the Venetian hotel, home of CES's high-performance exhibits, looking for the rich vein of analog gear that I just knew would be threaded through the entire show.

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Getting a Head Start

CES 2011 doesn’t start until January 6, but the key to creating a timely, relevant show report is to make sure you’re prepared well ahead of time. We arrived in Las Vegas on January 3, and we started work on January 4 to get a quick head start. 

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