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This tour of Coda Technologies was done by Jeff Fritz on March 25, 2011. Coda’s main factory is also their corporate headquarters. The 2400-square-foot facility is located in Sacramento, California. For more information about Coda Technologies, visit


Coda Technologies introduced its first product, the 01 preamplifier, in 1988. It seems hard to believe that a company that specializes in traditional analog amplifiers and preamplifiers would still be alive and well 23 years later, but such is the case when the commitment to the product genre is strong and the quality of work is worthy of being classified as high-end. It also helps when the founders have passion and plenty of experience. Company co-owners Doug Dale (systems engineer) and Eric Lauchli (analog designer) worked for the original Threshold company back in the mid '80s, and they went on to form Coda Technologies.

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Building Amplifiers

Coda Technologies builds power amplifiers, linestage preamplifiers, and phono preamplifiers. During our tour on March 25, we focused on the building of power amplifiers, which is fitting given that amplifiers are what Coda is best known for.

What was most impressive about the production was seeing the quality of workmanship and the attention to detail. Coda Technologies is certainly not a large company, but they're able to build audio components that are truly world-class in terms of technology, build quality, and performance.

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