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This Bryston tour was conducted by Doug Schneider on August 18, 2011. Bryston’s 20,000-square-foot factory is located in Peterborough, ON, Canada. Bryston has been in business since 1962 and employs almost 50 people. Their products are sold worldwide to consumers as well as professionals. For more information about Bryston, visit


Bryston is based in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, and is one of the world's leading makers of power amplifiers, preamplifiers, CD players, DACs, and surround-sound processors. Bryston is in the unique position of selling to the professional and consumer markets. Today about 80 percent of their sales are to consumers, and the remaining 20 percent are to studios and other professionals.

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Bryston's manufacturing facility is divided into two "sides." On the . . .

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Testing and Quality Control

Bryston's products are legendary not only for their sound quality but also for their reliability and longevity -- plus, Bryston backs their amplifiers and preamplifiers with an astonishing 20-year warranty, while their digital products are backed by a five-year warranty. One of the reasons Bryston can put such long warranties on their products has to do with the quality of the components used. Another reason is the testing they do at the completion of assembly to ensure the products don't fail in the field.

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Design and Engineering

Bryston does its design and engineering in-house. Currently, the company has six designers and engineers working in a large area that's adjacent to the manufacturing areas.

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