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September 10-13, 2014

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CEDIA Expo 2014: Dolby Atmos Speakers and Demos

By far -- by a zillion, trillion miles -- the most excitement at the 2014 CEDIA Expo centered around the launch of the home version of Dolby Atmos, the technology that adds audio "objects" to the standard 7.1-channel mix, and adds height speakers for additional envelopment. I spoke with hundreds of people at the Expo, and not a single one expressed a negative sentiment about Atmos. All of the demos -- aided by a fresh Atmos demo disc from Dolby -- showed how the technology can add an immediately noticeable sense of realism to home-theater audio.

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CEDIA Expo 2014: Stereo Audio Electronics

When it came to audio electronics, the new Dolby Atmos A/V receivers grabbed much of the attention at the 2014 CEDIA Expo. But I was surprised and heartened to see a lot of new stereo gear on display, including new ultra-high-end models as well as affordable products that are almost impulse buys (well, at least for serious audiophiles). Here's the best of what I saw at the show.

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CEDIA Expo 2014: Stereo Speakers

As usual, the focus at last week's 2014 CEDIA Expo in Denver was on home theater and home automation, but it was also the first North American appearance for several new stereo speakers that have either just hit the market or will be shipping within a few months. Some of these are intended just for stereo use; others are available with accompanying center and surround speakers and subwoofers for home theater.

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CEDIA Expo 2014: Subwoofers

CEDIA Expo, held often in Denver, Colorado, is always a big show for home-theater audio, so it's always a big show for subwoofers. At this year's show, the focus seemed to be on relatively tiny models, ones better suited for filling out the sound of your bookshelf speakers than for shaking the floor of a home theater. Here are the best of the new models I saw. Unfortunately, most of them were on static display so I can't say anything about the sound.

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