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Octave Audio Introduction

"I like perfect products," Octave Audio's founder and chief designer, Andreas Hoffman (shown in photo below), said to me. "That's why I try to make my amplifiers as perfect as possible."

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Octave Audio Parts and Pre-Production

Octave Audio manufactures all of its products in-house, with parts sourced mostly from local vendors in Germany. The only major parts not sourced from Germany are the tubes, which come from Russia.

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Octave Audio Production

Octave Audio's current product line includes five preamplifiers, four power amplifiers, four integrated amplifiers, one phono amplifier, and two power-amplifier add-on modules. All of the products are made in its factory in Karlsbad, Germany.

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Octave Audio Quality Control

Octave Audio's overall quality-control process is as extensive as I've seen. Assembled products are screened visually, tested for functionality, and put through a battery of electrical tests in order to assess performance and verify that the protection mechanisms work properly.

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