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March 21-24, 2013

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Product Coverage Gallery 2

Companies featured in gallery below: Reference 3A, Focal, Resonessence Labs, Grandinote, Kudos, LEEDH, O2A Cables, GutWire, Madison Audio Lab, Synthesis, Gradient, Tri-Art, DeVore Fidelity, Gala-Solo

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Company (Wo)Men

Salon Son & Image attracts a large number of exhibitors from all over the world. It's this diverse group of exhibitors that helps to make events such as this one great. So as we've done at previous shows, we photographed a number of people who work for these companies and showcased them in this gallery in recognition of the fine work they do.

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Women in Audio Panel-Discussion SnapShots!

On March 22 the SoundStage! Network's publisher, Doug Schneider, moderated a panel discussion focused on the topic of women in audio. Invited to the panel were four women deeply involved in the industry: Anna Popva from Conceptas O2A (Switzerland), Agata Mossop from Lenbrook Industries (Canada), Gabi Rijnveld from Crystal Cable (the Netherlands), and Angie Lisi from American Sound and Angie's Audio Corner (Canada).

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Opening-Day Cocktail-Party SnapShots!

The first day of Salon Son & Image is open only to the trade: dealers, distributors, manufacturers, and press. It's so the industry insiders can get together and do their work and not have to worry about interfering with the members of the public when they arrive on the following day.

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Product Coverage Gallery 1

Companies featured in gallery below: Arteluthe, Advance Acoustic, Aurum, Bryston, Ledoux Acoustics, Tannoy, Simaudio Moon, AIX Recordings, MA Recordings, Octave Audio, Dynaudio, Woo Audio

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