Cuttin-Edge, On-the-Spot Reporting

After the assembled panels have been in the vacuum-forming machine for 30 minutes, they are transferred to the final-assembly area where . . .


. . . the necessary wires are soldered into place.

Panel test

They then get hooked to test equipment, and a frequency sweep is done to test for audible defects.


After successful initial testing, the electrostatic panel is placed into an aluminum-based AirFrame that holds the panel and . . .

Bass cabinets 1

. . . attaches to the bass cabinets that are being assembled nearby.

Bass cabinet 2

The required electronics are pre-tested prior to being . . .

Bass cabinet 3

. . . installed inside the cabinet, and . . .

Woofer placement

. . . the woofer is mounted and . . .

Screwing woofer in

. . . screwed into place.

Paul Grove

MartinLogan's Paul Grove stands beside the world's first pair of black high-gloss Montis loudspeakers. The Montis sells for $10,000 USD per pair in standard finishes and $13,500 per pair in this finish.