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May 18-22, 2011
All prices in euros unless indicated otherwise

Pro-Ject's Stream Box SE

Without question, one of the fastest-growing segments of the market has to do with computer audio and music-server devices. At High End 2011, Austrias Pro-Ject Audio Systems showed the new Stream Box SE, which retails for 700€ and has a wealth of features including support for 24-bit/192kHz playback and high-resolution USB. What’s kind of ironic about Pro-Ject offering such an innovative device is that the company is best known for turntables!

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All About the Blade

KEF’s new Blade speaker is as big of a hit at High End 2011 as the Concept Blade was when they unveiled it here two years ago. It not only took some radical thinking to conceive of the idea for the Blade’s overall design, but also some innovative technology to put it into production and make it work. In this video SoundStage! Network publisher Doug Schneider talks to KEF’s Johan Coorg, who discusses the Blade’s technical details and explains how the unique five-driver array works and why they call it “Single Apparent Source.”

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AudioQuest on Computer-Audio Cables

Do USB and FireWire cables make a difference? In this video, SoundStage! Network publisher Doug Schneider talks to AudioQuest's director of marketing, Steve Silberman, about the performance benefits that can come from using high-quality USB and FireWire cables that, in the case of AudioQuest, range in price from $30 to $650.

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Munich Tour

The SoundStage! Network has produced videos at shows such as High End for approximately three years; however, this is the first video shot, edited, and published at an event, another milestone in our long history of producing cutting-edge, on-the-spot coverage.

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