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This Magico tour was conducted by Jeff Fritz and Peter Roth on March 30, 2011. Magico’s main factory is located in Berkeley, California, USA, and their machine shop is in nearby San Jose. The combined facility size is 9000 square feet. Magico has been in business since 2004, employs 28 people, and their products are distributed in 30 countries. For more information about Magico, LLC, visit

The Small Details

On the day of our tour, we witnessed the attention to smallest details, something we believe has helped make Magico successful. Looking after the little things is part of what has vaulted Magico from fledgling boutique to one of the top high-end speaker manufacturers in the world.

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Building the Qs: Part Two

Q-series loudspeakers require dozens of man-hours of labor to assemble the numerous parts that make up the enclosure. Each enclosure is properly damped to avoid resonances that could smear the sound with distortion. 

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Building the Qs: Part One

Magico's new Q-series products best represent their current thinking on high-performance loudspeaker design. The Q-series loudspeaker line currently consists of the four-way Q5 ($59,950/pr.), three-way floorstanding Q3 ($34,000/pr.), and the two-way Q1 (price TBA). On the day of our visit, evidence of Q-series speaker construction was everywhere. 

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To better control all aspects of production, Magico acquired a full CNC (computer numerically controlled) machine shop in San Jose, California, which is where all of their Q-series speaker cabinets are manufactured. This vertical integration gives the company tremendous capability to create exactly the parts they need for their products.

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Unlike companies that modify or spec drivers sourced from outside suppliers, Magico has designed their own driver platforms and builds them with parts they've had manufactured from the ground up. You won't see variants of these drivers in any other company's loudspeakers.

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Magico, LLC is a manufacturer of high-fidelity loudspeakers and, while founded as a custom, boutique fabricator in the 1990s, has been operating in its present commercial mode since 2004. The products are conceived by the company's founder, Alon Wolf, and engineered by Yair Tammam, Magico's chief technical officer.

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