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Coda Technologies builds power amplifiers, linestage preamplifiers, and phono preamplifiers. During our tour on March 25, we focused on the building of power amplifiers, which is fitting given that amplifiers are what Coda is best known for.

What was most impressive about the production was seeing the quality of workmanship and the attention to detail. Coda Technologies is certainly not a large company, but they're able to build audio components that are truly world-class in terms of technology, build quality, and performance.


Beautiful metalwork and superb parts quality such as WBT binding posts abound.


Output stages are packed with bipolar transistors and massive heatsinks for huge power reserves and efficient heat dissipation.


Toroidal power transformers are potted and filter capacitors are the size of soda cans. There is no shortage on the hardware end of things.


Circuit boards are gold-plated for durability and beauty, and also to meet current EU requirements for lead content.


Amplifier subassemblies awaiting testing and final assembly.


No, not an amplifier under assembly, but a "mule" used to test components before fitting them into production units.


Final testing involves measurements using a variety of test equipment, including the ubiquitous Audio Precision unit pictured above.