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Esoteric is now the US distributor for the French loudspeaker brand Cabasse. Tim Crable, Esoteric's director of sales, said, "The synergy is magical between their point-source loudspeakers and our electronics." Esoteric is no longer in the loudspeaker-manufacturing business, so the pairing is natural because now Esoteric can display and, ultimately, distribute a complete high-end-audio system.


Esoteric distributes the entire Cabasse loudspeaker line in the US, and it comprises 60 models ranging in price from $500/pr. to $205,000/pr. Esoteric will have stock in the US to make delivery timely, we're told. The pairing was making great music in Denver, so to us the partnership seems to fit.


With the recent acquisition announcement of McIntosh by Italian firm Fine Sounds, we're starting to see a serious consolidation of the high end. Whether they combine distribution channels, engineering talent, or marketing resources, partnerships are the order of the day. Is this a good sign? Perhaps for some companies it is. The overall health of the high end might depend on some new business models. Look for more announcements coming soon . . .

Jeff Fritz
Editor-in-Chief, The SoundStage! Network