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Approximate system cost: €600,000.

TechDAS launched the all-new Air Force III Premium turntable at Munich, which has a host of refinements and improvements, not the least being the incorporation of a gun-metal platter weighing an astonishing 29kg. This increased weight necessitated complete re-engineering of the air-bearing system and a more powerful motor driven by two 150W DC amplifiers. Partnered with magnificent amplification from CH Precision and paired with the stunning Rockport Technologies Lyra speakers, this system offered a rich, warm, and transparent sound with extremely natural-sounding vocals and a supremely low noise floor. With sex appeal in spades and with a sound to match the looks, don’t grumble about the price; just be thankful in these troubled times that companies still have the bravado to make a system such as this.

Jonathan Gorse
Senior Contributor, SoundStage!

Rockport TechDAS

CH Precision


Rockport TechDAS