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Have You Seen?

Bryston's manufacturing facility is divided into two "sides." On the . . .

Amplifier manufacturing

. . . right-hand side is a large, spacious area where amplifier manufacturing takes place. Preamplifiers, CD players, DACs, and surround-sound processors are . . .

Manufacturing area 2

. . . made in a somewhat smaller area on the left-hand side of the building.

Circuit boards

Component manufacturing is a combination of automated procedures and hand assembly. Raw circuit boards are "stuffed" in-house.

Channel assembly

Metal parts for items such as heatsinks come from third-party suppliers, but amplifier channels are hand assembled on-site.


Third-party suppliers do faceplate cutting, finishing, and anodizing, but Bryston does all the silkscreening in their factory.

6B channels

Bryston currently sells eight amplifier models. On the day we visited, 6B amplifier channels . . .

9B channels

. . . and 9B amplifier channels were completed and lined up awaiting final assembly.

Partially finished amps

The final part of assembly of amplifiers involves inserting the completed channels into the partially built amplifiers lined up on nearby racks. Bryston's extensive in-house manufacturing capabilities mean that every product they make proudly displays the words "Made in Canada" on the back panel.