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I’ve yet to have the chance to have a proper listening session with any of Q Acoustics’ speakers, but I hope to change that soon. In recent years, the British brand has earned a reputation for high-performing speakers that are affordable enough for almost anybody, and the world has taken notice. When I learned that a new generation of the venerable 3000 line of passive speakers was being shown for the first time at High End 2024, I zipped over to Q Acoustics’ exhibit room to see what they’re all about.

Q Acoustics

The new generation is called the 3000c line, and replaces the outgoing 3000i line, with prices the same in US dollars and euros (so I will only publish with the euro symbol). The new line comprises the 3010c compact standmount (€399/pair), the 3020c standmount (€499/pair), the larger 3030c standmount (€649/pair), and the 3050c floorstander (€1199/pair). There is also a 3090c center-channel speaker (€399 each). Q Acoustics says these new speakers will be available for purchase in August. All models are available in four finishes: Pin Oak, Claro Walnut, Satin White, and Satin Black. The company intends to offer 5.1-channel package deals, also in August, but no pricing information is available yet.

The big upgrade the 3000c line introduces over the outgoing line comes in the form of a new technology that Q Acoustics calls its C³ Continuous Curved Cone. The midrange-woofers in each of the 3000c speakers have an optimized cone geometry that, according to Q Acoustics, combines the low-frequency performance of a straight conic profile with the mid- and high-frequency benefits of a flared cone design.

Q Acoustics

The new drivers are said to allow the 3000c speakers to be more efficient and dynamic, and to provide better dispersion. The C³ cones can integrate better with the tweeter while providing flatter, more controlled bass response—both of which aid the speakers in being flexible with regard to room placement. Improved internal bracing, more refined aesthetics, and for the 3050c floorstander, an internal Helmholtz tube that helps cancel internal resonances, round out the improvements for Q Acoustics’ latest generation of loudspeakers.

I had a brief opportunity to hear a pair of 3050c floorstanders, and I was impressed by their ability to create a sonic atmosphere that seemingly extended far past and above the boundaries of the listening space. It seems that showcasing the ability to throw a wide and deep soundstage is a popular way to win the favor of the crowds at shows like this one, but it was really an achievement that Q Acoustics’ inexpensive and compact floorstanders were able to do such a good job at this while also offering a fulsome, red-blooded sound. There are quite a few rooms at this show with gear costing many times more than the Q Acoustics system that might’ve struggled to do the same thing, or might’ve sounded inappropriately overwrought.

Q Acoustics

Hopefully, this isn’t the last time I encounter Q Acoustics’ 3000c lineup. But for right now, there is still a ton of stuff left to see at High End 2024, so we’ll keep posting our findings here. Keep your eyes on SoundStage! Global for more.

Matt Bonaccio
Contributor, SoundStage!