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Approximate system cost: TBA.

Diving into the cutting edge with a striking design, Monitor Audio was showing a near-finalized concept speaker—called Concept 50—unlike any I’ve ever seen. It is yet to be priced. Components ahead of the pair of Concept 50s being demonstrated were from Roksan, which Monitor Audio now owns. In the Concept 50, vertically arrayed push-push woofers in twin towers flank a module with multiple midrange drivers and a centrally positioned AMT tweeter. With some tweaks still to come, as it was, the image specificity was among the best I’ve ever heard at a show. The immediacy of the midrange (on some nicely recorded female vocals) was mesmerizing, and the lower frequencies played solidly in support. In my opinion, the lower end was an advanced work-in-progress, but this was one of the most promising and innovative designs at High End 2022.

Edgar Kramer
Editor-in-Chief, SoundStage! Australia

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Monitor Audio

Monitor Audio