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Cyrus Audio's factory also recently brought in-house the production for its newest line of products: Lyric. Comprising the Lyric 05 and Lyric 09 models, they are hugely "connective" pieces of hardware. From the outside, the two look identical.

Lyric model

Providing 80Wpc and 170Wpc of class-D power, respectively, the Lyric 05 and 09 each contain . . .

Cyrus drive mechanism

. . . a CD transport that uses the latest generation of Cyrus's Servo Evolution platform.

Lyric model

The Lyrics also each include a 24-bit/192kHz-capable DAC board with two optical inputs, two coaxial inputs, two USB Type A ports, and a USB Type B input. Adding to the recipe is AptX Bluetooth; full wireless streaming, which makes use of Cyrus's Cadence app; DAB; FM; and TuneIn Radio. Generic RCA inputs are also featured, as is a pair of configurable line outs, and a 3.5mm headphone jack. I've never seen more flexible pieces of electronics in my life.

Lyric front panel

The front panel for the Lyric models is made of aluminum and glass. It is not only capacitive in nature, but motion sensitive as well, meaning the backlight activates as you approach it. Very cool!

Lyric remote control

Jeremy Brown holds a Cyrus remote (the Lyric remote is almost identical). The remote is well put together, with the brushed-metal unit having a built-in backlight.

Cyrus service

The final part of the tour brought me to the service group, where Cyrus technicians can either return a legacy product to the same condition as when it was purchased, or, if the owner desires, can have the unit updated to a current-day standard.

A great deal of knowledge is required to be able to service a product that is potentially 30 years old . . .

Old and new Cyrus products

. . . so it was great to end my tour by seeing a fully restored, over-30-year-old Cyrus One next to a brand-new flagship Lyric integrated amplifier-DAC

Hans Wetzel
Senior Contributor, SoundStage!