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A New Pro-Ject

Is it absurd to think that you could replace an entire audio system -- excepting the speakers and their cables -- with a single box that measures a mere 206mm x 72mm x 195mm? Well that's just what I did today.

The Pro-Ject Stream Box DSA ($1499 USD) combines a 25Wpc stereo amplifier (8 ohms) and digital and analog inputs for an all-in-one audio solution. But this is more than just a tiny integrated amplifier with a built-in DAC. The Stream Box DSA connects to your home network via either a wired or wireless connection and can then play music directly from your network drive. In other words, it becomes your media server.

I'm looking forward to getting this little guy fully up and running, and I must admit that I'm still in the discovery mode with what it will do. But as I type this I'm listening to Adele over Slacker with the Stream Box DSA connected to a pair of Magico S1 loudspeakers, and the sound is really, really nice. (Yes, it's driving the Magicos just fine, thanks. I was surprised too.)

Here's to the new high end, and to all that forward-thinking companies have to offer the music lover in the 21st century.

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