Octave Audio Production

Octave Audio's current product line includes five preamplifiers, four power amplifiers, four integrated amplifiers, one phono amplifier, and two power-amplifier add-on modules. All of the products are made in its factory in Karlsbad, Germany.

Production 1

Octave Audio's main production area is bright and spacious. Various components are under construction at any one time.

Production 2

Soldering the leads of a balanced output transformer.

Production 3

Taking a completed transformer board . . . 

Production 4

. . . and installing it into a sub-chassis that will end up in an HP 700 preamplifier.

Production 5

Assembling the chassis for an RE 290 stereo power amplifier.

Production 6

Soldering the wiring for an RE 290.

Production 7

Installing the RE 290's main circuit board.

Production 8

Founder Andreas Hoffman holds an assembled MRE 220 mono amplifier faceplate.

Production 9

Attaching the MRE 220 faceplate.

Production 10

Assembling a V 70 SE integrated amplifier.

Production 11

Capacitor banks to be installed in . . .

Production 12

. . . the chassis for the Super Black Box. The Super Black Box and smaller Black Box can be added to any Octave Audio power or integrated amplifier. They each enlarge the power-supply capacitance, which increases load stability and dynamic output power and improves resolution.

Production 13

Numerous partially assembled products awaiting completion.

Doug Schneider
Publisher, The SoundStage! Network